My April Favorites

Check out my latest Youtube video to check out how I’ve been spending my quarantine days, working & law schooling from home!

S. Pellegrino Essenza

This has been my go-to afternoon beverage of choice! When I was working at the firm from the office, not at home, every afternoon I would crave a coffee. This was just a poor habit all around. I obviously don’t drink my coffee black, so there were extra calories involved. MY caffeine intake was getting a little high for my liking, and of course my caffiene headaches returned VERY quick. Since moving home, I switched over to this little guy and I loooove it! Healthy alternative, it’s cold and bubbly and delicious, and still gives me something to look forward to consuming every afternoon. I get these at Costco, they’re cheaper in bulk!

Verb Energy in Vanilla Latte

This product had me skeptical! I would see them all over my Instagram, and I just wasn’t sold. Verb was sweet enough to send me some of their newest samples to try out, and boy was I WRONG. They’re 90 calories, super clean ingredients, and if you’re a coffee fan, you will loooove these! I love the flavor, and I actually really enjoy the little kick they give me in the afternoon. They’re also like a goo-ey, yummy, soft texture. I am actually going to look up how much these actually cost, because I was SOLD on them and have personally decided I need to try every single flavor that they offer. 

Espresso Martini 

Okay – I haven’t exactly mastered my chocolate chip recipe JUST yet. But you know what I freakin’ have mastered this quarantine? MY ESPRESSO MARTINI RECIPE. You’ll thank me later. Don’t forget the caramel and sugar rim!

2 shots of regular coffee

1 shot of vanilla vodka

¾ shot of Kahlua 

***Shake it up with some ice***

Dip the martini glass rim in caramel 

Dip the rim in sugar (preferably the raw thick cut one)

Add in 1 shot of baileys


Fuji Apple Salad With Grilled Chicken

I mass grill up some chicken (marinated with a TBS of olive oil and whatever spices are in the cabinet), in my Ninja Foodie Grill. Everyday for lunch I use a piece of the grilled chicken, and then add in:

A quarter of an apple chopped up small

Chopped lettuce mix with cabbage and kale 

Pumpkin seeds


Sliced almonds

Poppy Seed or Fuji Apple Dressing 


Okay – so this one is kind of cheating because this isn’t just an April favorite, this is an all-time favorite. But wanted to throw this in here because Chipotle is offering free delivery and a lot of other random free stuff very often. Same with Chilli’s, whether it be a free appetizer or dessert, or free queso and chips from Chipotle. Cole & I have made this our quarantine tradition, and we order out dinner almost every friday and watch a movie together. The deals are great, it helps support businesses, and it gives me something to look forward to every week, since everyday is pretty much the same….

Fuzzy Cardigan 

This one was a random take-away from my mom’s house, because she ordered two. This sweater has officially become my day-time pajama. It feels as warm and cozy as my bathrobe, but forces me to put on a real shirt, and change out of my pajamas everyday for another FUN FILLED DAY OF WORKING FROM HOME. Here’s the link to the Amazon purchase, literally the best $22 spent!

Hoping everyone is staying happy & healthy, and just working on their mental health, consciously trying to keep busy and happy throughout this unprecedented time period. Set new goals for yourself, new challenges, switch up your workout schedule, or your skin care routine, or Facetime a friend. Do what you can to just stay positive & we will come through on the other side of all of this!


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