Stuck in a Quarantine Rut?

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Well guys, here it is. Day 26 in isolation. These past few days I’ve felt like I’ve been in a little bit of a rut. Just feeling very unmotivated. I find myself feeling tired (even though I have SO much time to sleep), and not wanting to work out (something I always make time for even when working forty hours a week & being in law school), and eating like absolute DIRT. Luckily, going to bed, feeling just generally unhappy because of all the previous listed reasons, I decided it was time to get out of this QUARANTINE RUT. This situation sucks enough on its own, but having my health, there is no room for me to wallow in self pity. We neeeeed to take this time to make the best of the situation. So that’s the goal I set for myself to obtain, and this is how I did it. 

  1. Work Out in the Morning

I found that if I waited until lunch time to work out, my work outs were not as good, a lot of days I wasn’t doing them at all, and some days I wouldn’t even change out of my pajamas until noon. Even if it’s just a stretch in the morning – I couldn’t recommend a morning workout enough. This has filled me with a feeling of accomplishment, and just such a positive energy to go about the rest of my day. 

My Routine:

I’ve been waking up and doing either a warm up bike ride on the peloton (10 minute) with one round of Sarah’s Day Sweat Reload circuits. OR I’ve been doing a 30 minute ride on the Peloton with some of my favorite instructors (Cody, obviously!). Either way – I’ve been planning what I want to do the day before so I can motivate myself to get a true sweat on and NOT BE LAZY! Finishing my workout feeling sweaty and accomplished is one of the best feelings. 

  1. Get Outside

Even on the shitty days, guys. Go outside and check the mail. Take out the garbage. Drive and grab yourself a coffee through the drive thru. If you know it’s going to be rainy and gloomy out (check the weather, guys. Sunny days are like GOLD during this thing), plan to do your grocery shopping that day. Even driving, and walking to and from the store, loading up the car with groceries, being “outside,” or even out and about, helps as a natural MOOD BOOSTER. Trust me!!!!!

If you’re blessed with some sunshine – get outside!! Start a new book, sit outside on a spare blanket, and just soak it up! Load up your water bottle, bring your pups outside, and even throw in your airpods and just listen to a podcast or a good playlist laying outside in the sunshine. 

  1. Treat Yo Self

I’m really trying to save money for the big move to our new house coming up in a few weeks, but I’ve accepted the fact that treating yourself is an essential part of making it through this quarantine, and avoiding the rut at all costs. I recommend the options I already listed: coffee or a breakfast sandwich if you’re on a budget. But once a week we normally order take-out and ball out lol – and it’s worth every penny. I’ll discuss this more in my next point. 

My Routine:

Fridays are our big spender take-out date night. And then I normally do breakfast twice a week right now. 

  1. Get Creative

Whip out all the cliches here, ya’ll! Set up your Zoom meeting, for happy hour with your family and friends. Force your significant other to play cards with you. Binge watch a movies series!! The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, perhaps the Fifty Shades triology?? 

My Routine:

Friday has been our date night. We’ve done zoom dates with our friends, but by far, my favorite date night was last friday. Cole and I ordered take out from Chili’s. They have to go presidente margarita kits (SAY NO MORE!!!), 3 for $10 (app, drink & entree!), and free dessert right now! We brought down the futon mattress, dug out all the blankets we could find in the house, moved all the dining room chairs into the living room, and BUILT A FORT. We had a Chili’s FEAST, salsa, entrees, margaritas & even the molten lava cake for dessert. Cuddled up in our homemade fort, and binged the Hunger Games Series. It really was probably one of my favorite nights of quarantine thus far. 

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
  1. Again with the cliches – baking & cleaning 

I’ve been doing one of these two things everyday. I either bake something, try a MAJOR dinner recipe that takes up the afternoon to prepare, or I bake something. Cliche – maybe. But whatever!!!! There’s just something about making cookies or muffins during this quarantine that brings me a sense of joy, and I’m rolling with it! If I’m not baking, I try to conquer one cleaning project. One cabinet, one closet, mabe the fridge? 

  1. Time Blocking Your Morning 

I find that on my lazy days, I feel like I have “all day” to get things done, and then I end up laying down all day and get absolutely N O T H I N G done. So to avoid that – I’ve been time blocking my mornings. When I wake up, I make a list of things I want to accomplish that day. (AKA – what workout will I do today? What project will I conquer? What homework do I have to get done? What work-work do I have to get done today?)

I try to get all of these things done before the early afternoon. So then – I can lounge and read my book, or binge watch the Kardashians all afternoon and not feel guilty, because I had a super productive morning! I DESERVE THIS GLASS OF WINE OK!

My Routine:

6:30 am – Workout 

7:30 am – Calendar my week & get some homework done 

8:30 – 11:00am – Do my work. Like really focus and get my work-work done.

11:00 -1:00 pm – Conquer my daily house related project 

  1. For the LOVE OF GOD – Please Put Some Healthy Food into Your Body

So the first few days I was feeding my body yummy soups and salads and living my best forward a couple weeks and it was ALL DOWNHILL, filled with an endless stream of burgers, fries, pasta, pasta and pasta. The day I decided to get out of my rut, I decided to put some good freakin’ food in my body. Fruit for breakfast, a grilled chicken fuji apple salad for lunch, some grilled chicken and veggies for dinner. Life’s about BALANCE PEOPLE!!! And let me tell ya – pasta everyday is no sense of balance. Some healthy food made my skin clear up, boosted my energy, and honestly just put me in a great mood. 

  1. Self Care

This is prime time to do all of those self care things you NEVER seem to have time for. Journal your thoughts! Put on a face mask, take a bath! Give yourself that overdue pedicure. Do something that makes you feel rewarded and good. Because you freakin’ should. 

  1. Get Organized 

When we return to reality, and WE WILL ONE DAY. You want to feel like the absolute best version of yourself. You don’t want to return to reality feeling run down and overwhelmed because you did absolutely nothing during your quarantine slump. You don’t want to look back and think to yourself: “I have NO CLUE why I didn’t get this done during all that free time.” 

So map out some goals. We have at least another four weeks to go with this routine. So get comfortable, and make an actual list of some things you have been putting off getting done. Maybe some wedding planning? Maybe some online furniture shopping for me for the new house. Maybe organize those binders for school! Tab up that binder, laminate your course schedule for next semester. Start that blog you’ve always wanted to get started on! Make that reading corner you’ve been dreaming about for years. Set some goals – and crush them. 

  1. Change Your Mindset

This time can either be seen as a blessing or a curse. Accept the fact that this time is a great opportunity for you to do ALL of the things you’ve always said you were going to. Get back into running, learn a new language! Maybe map out your finances to see when you’ll finally be able to buy your dream home! That dream list you’re constantly adding to in your head? Check something off of it. 


Like I said – this is day 25. And we have at least another 25 to go. So accept this new normal. Pull yourself out of that negative mindset, and embrace this new routine. Walks in nature, reading before bed, binging some classic movies and ordering take out once a week to drink wine and play board games. Look forward to that on your friday nights, or calling your mom on Tuesday mornings during your morning workout. Accept this new normal, and really let it lift you – not defeat you. You want to leave this time period feeling GRATITUDE. Gratitude for your health, and your life and health being in tip top shape after this time period. 

Stay Safe & Stay Positive,


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