Staying Motivated For Law School During COVID-19

Today is day 17 of social distancing. So many businesses are closed, and life as we once knew it, is no longer here. I hope all of you are staying happy and healthy throughout this time. Some law schools have decided to do pass/fail in light of the nation’s current state, but WNEU has not. This has added a lot of pressure for the end of the semester, and I’m trying to staying as focused as I can throughout this time. Let’s admit it: law school is feeling pretty … optional … right about now, and it’s so not. So here’s what I’m doing to stay focused. 

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I’m sure this is the number one tip you’ve been hearing everywhere. But it truly is of the utmost importance. I’ve been waking up at the same time everyday, 6:30am. This is later than my usual 5 am wake up call, but I still wanted to get myself up early, and get my day started. 

Also on this note – change out of your pajamas. This one actually took me a solid few days to convince myself it was important – but it so is. I’m not saying put jeans on. But I am saying by 7am, at least put your day-time jammies on. This has definitely made a difference for me. 

Now, as you probably know, I used to work out in the morning before work and class everyday. But I just couldn’t do it anymore once quarantine started. I was too tired, I had no motivation to wake up at 5am, when there truly was no reason to do so. Now, I started working out on my lunch breaks around noon everyday. So although this is different than my usual routine, it’s still keep the core value of working out everyday, and I do it at the same time everyday to keep some sort of routine in my life throughout all of this.

Moral of this point: keep some routine. But, don’t be too hard on yourself trying to continue your 5 am workouts, when during COVID-19, there is really no reason to. Adjust your schedule so it works for you, and this new lifestyle. 

Stay Positive

Definitely make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive thoughts throughout this time. I used to absolutely love watching the news in the morning, but recently I’ve kicked that habit because it used to set a fearful and dim outlook on the rest of my day. Now, I normally call my parents in the morning, or watching my favorite vloggers pre-covid19, where things seemed a lot happier and more normal. If you’re doing your part by staying in, don’t force information of covid-19 down your throat 24/7. It’s totally fine to take a step away from it all, and just make the best of your contribution to society in this time: which is by staying home.

Get Outside

Prior to the pandemic, the outdoors always made me happy. But now that I’m isolated in my house, I make an effort to get outside every single day. I take my dogs on a walk, and listen to my favorite podcast on my lunch break every day!

Don’t Stop Setting Goals

Okay – so yes. Life is on hold right now. It’s impossible to move forward with a lot of the things we had planned for ourselves. BUT – we can still continue to make goals that we feel are important to us, and are attainable, no matter how small! One of my smaller goals is to get on the Peloton everyday during the week. One one my bigger goals was to buy a new house, and not let covid-19 halt that dream. Keep moving forward, no matter how big or small the steps are!

Embrace Your New Normal

Remind yourself every single day that this is all temporary. Eventually, one day, this will be in the past for all of us. That fact along should bring you comfort. Things will be different for right now, and it is super important that you find peace with that, in order to be able to continue on with the most important parts of your life: like law school. You may be only able to see your friends via zoom, and spend much more time with your boyfriend that desired, but embrace it. Embrace this new normal, and accept this is part of what we have to do to come out on the other side of all of this.

Motivation versus Dedication

I begin every morning by writing a list of five things I’m grateful for, and ten goals I’m working toward. On the top of that list every single morning, is becoming an attorney. 

Right now, finals are open book, there’s no cold calling in class, and this semester has been so different than others. Although my motivation for law school is at an all time low, it’s so important that I continue my readings, hand in my papers, and study for exams because my end goal is still the same. And even throughout all of this craziness the world is throwing at me — that one goal remains the same. My dedication to that goal is unwavering, even when my motivation diminishes. 

Comment down below any book suggestions, any great TV show suggestions, new recipes, or anything else fun you guys may be doing to pass the time! 

Until next time —

Stay safe & healthy,


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