My March Must Haves

Since we are in FULL quarantine season right now, I thought it would be prime time to highlight some new products I’ve recently discovered that make this month’s list of MUST haves – QUARANTINE EDITION!!!!!

Ever wonder what it’s like being a law student and working full time? Check out my Youtube Channel to see a day in the life!

  1. Generation Clay Mask

You guys – this thing is GOLD. Law school has been breaking me out like crazy, and I’ve sampled almost every mask under the sun. I got this one in my monthly Ipsy Bag, and it has passed the test, I will be buying it again!

I use this once a week when I do my full blown self care night. I apply the mask using a brush, and then I let it dry for fifteen minutes (you can feel it work its magic!) and then I rinse it off using an exfoliating brush. Follow up with your moisturizer of choice and you’re good to go!

Image from Google

Since I’ve had plenty of time to start a new show during this quarantine, I decided to start “For Life.” All the episodes are on demand and the show is so good! The show is inspired on a true story about a prison inmate that obtains his law license to get himself out of prison. Although the show adds a lot of fictional details and a fictional plot, it is inspired by a real guy, which makes the show that much better. He now practices law as a licensed attorney in the same courtroom that he was once sentenced in. 

There’s only a few episodes out so binge them all, you’ll love this!

  1. Rosé Big Sipper Wine

With word (for a quick minute) that liquor stores would potentially be shutting down, I obviously ran over there to stock up for spending the next fourteen days locked inside my house! To my surprise, they were having a sale, buy six bottles of wine, qualify for a discount off your total purchase. Obviously – challenge was accepted, and I picked six bottles out. I came across this rosé wine, and saw it was UNDER FIVE DOLLARS for the whole bottle. Quite frankly, I didn’t care if it tasted like straight dirt, I was definitely buying it. 

I totally lucked out, and — the wine is freaking great! At 12.5%, I didn’t have to down the whole bottle, and it had a great strawberry/raspberry taste, and have I freakin’ mentioned the bottle was literally $4.85? Yup – sign me up, will be buying again. 

  1. Nespresso Caramel Cookie Pods

I get a lot of questions about my Nespresso Coffee Machine, and I’m planning on doing an entire post dedicated to that, but until then, these new pods I tried in light of the Corona Quarantine are making the list for this month’s must haves. Sometimes I find the Nespresso pods to be a tad….bitter. These ones aren’t, and they have a caramel undertone. They’re also the perfect size, 7.77 ml, so you can add just creamer and enjoy your cup of coffee, or throw in some steamed milk, and enjoy a full cafe au lait!

  1. Half Batch of Chocolate Chip Muffins

All this time in quarantine has finally blessed me with extra time to try out recipes I’ve been dying to taste test. Because I bake pretty often, I was on the hunt for a small-sized, half portioned muffin recipe. I find that sometimes when I cut the recipe in half myself, the cookies or muffins just don’t come out as good. Maybe I’m really bad at math? REGARDLESS – I found this perfect half recipe of chocolate chip muffins that would be perfect to whip up if you only have a little amount of flour left in the bag (like me – and again, not trying to enter a grocery store in the near future), or you want to bake something quick and fresh to bring to your coworkers for a birthday, or perhaps your boyfriend loves fresh baked treats every few days. This is the recipe I used:

1 cup flour

¼ cup sugar

1 ½ tsp baking powder

¼ tsp salt

¼ cup vegetable oil

1 egg, beaten

Chocolate chips to taste

Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes!

  1. Organic Pomegranate White Tea 

BEST TEA! I drink this tea every single morning when I’m doing homework (before my coffee at work) and writing my to-do list. It tastes fruity, but not overwhelmingly fruity. It’s my go-to tea. Some teas you have to be in the mood for — this isn’t one. I’m always in the mood for it. Not to mention it’s probably $3.00 at Trader Joes (and organic!) 

Comment your quarantine product and recipe discoveries below!! Something tells me I’m going to be working and law schooling from home for a while, so I’ll have plenty of time to try them out!

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