How My Peloton Changed My Life (Law School Edition)

Okay – I’d first like to start off by saying that when I say I have Peloton, everyone assumes I’m on this other level – with all this $$$, owning boujee things. Realistically, the Peloton isn’t THAT expensive, especially if you have it replace the gym membership you were paying, like I did. I first discovered I was IN LOVE with spinning when I started taking classes at CycleBar. I was loyal to CB, and I had an unlimited membership costing me (on sale) $120.00 a month with a student discount. I loved it. I went all summer long, I made friends, I woke up 4:45am, and went to the 5:30am class before I had to go into the office, I was dedicated. I went on Fridays, I would bring my friends – I loved it! Unfortunately, after the Summer ended, I started law school in the Fall. It was impossible to wake up 4:45am, get to my spin class, work all day, and then drive and attend classes at night. I didn’t get home until past 11 o’clock, and I simply wasn’t getting enough sleep. As a result, I started looking into the Peloton. Turns out- the Peloton can be financed, with no interest, and no money down. They were speaking my language. I pulled the trigger, and purchased the bike. The monthly membership is $40.00 a month, and the bike itself was another $60.00 a month financed, rounding in at around $100.00 a month. Split between my boyfriend and I, that’s $50.00 a month, plus the firm I works for gives us $30.00 a month toward any gym membership we want, so in total, the bike costs me $20.00 a month. That’s some Planet Fitness level pricing, for the BEST exercise and community I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. Here are a few of the key benefits that totally changed my workout routine, and perspective on health and fitness all together while being a law student and full time employee.

1.    Flexibility

Now that my life has totally changed and is 100% dedicated to the law, it was a quick-setting reality that I just didn’t have time for the gym. On my best weeks, I’d be able to hit the gym once….MAYBE twice. But being completely transparent, I was exercising an average of zero times per week. Not to mention the fact that on average I sat a total of at least fifteen hours a day. FIFTEEN! That’s so many. I was sitting 8-4, and then driving to school 4-5, and then in class 5-10, and then an hour home 10-11pm. And then I would get in my bed…and go to sleep. My legs were going to forget how to walk at this rate. I knew something had to change.

         The Peloton has rides anywhere as short as ten minutes, to as long as sixty minutes. You can layer rides together for a harder and longer ride, or you can launch an option called “Just Ride” that involves no class instructor, and you just sit on the bike and adjust the cadence, listen to a podcast, or your own music, and ….just ride. On my best days, I wake up and take a 30 minute ride before work in the morning, and layer this with one of the on demand arms or abs classes the Peloton offers. On my worst days – I hop on the bike for just a 15 minute ride, or a 20 minute “Just Ride,” with no resistance on, using my Spin Tray to read through school work, or pencil out my to do list.

         Lastly, the Peloton app comes with so many different exercises besides just spinning. There’s core training, strength training, yoga classes, outdoor running with trainers/playlists and so much more. I love the fact that every day I don’t have to wake up and take a 30 minute spin class. Sometimes I do a HIIT class and work my core, sometimes I do a 45 minute yoga flow. This one bike can satisfy any of the types of exercise I want to do, and fulfills any sort of availability I may have for that day, whether it be 60 minutes or 16 minutes!

2.    Convenience

I have no reason to not work out. The bike is right in my home, I take classes live and I signed up for them. I look forward to riding with my friends, and the time I set – so I better get up and get on the bike. On my most tired mornings, I literally roll out of bed and get on the bike in my pajamas. Within four minutes of the warm up, I’m awake, clipped in already, and ready to just keep chugging along my work out. It couldn’t be MORE easy. That’s the kind of work out convenience and structure I need in my life.

3.    Instructors

The instructors that work for Peloton are so good. Like SO good. That was one of the reasons I always paid to go to Cyclebar. I loved the instructors. I never really found instructors I connect with whenever I tried less expensive places for spinning, like LA Fitness or the Edge. Peloton has new classes that go up every single day. They have instructors that are good for anybody of any age. I feel like I have a personal few favorites based on music selection and comic relief, but my dad has totally different favorite instructors, that he is 100% dedicated, too. A lot of the themes offer rides, and just have great content spoken throughout the ride, that’s both entertaining and motivating. The rides almost have a podcast-like feel to them. The instructors may pose different questions to you about yourself, your “why” or others you love. Riding on the bike is not only my physical exercise, but it has also become my mental calmness, my jam session & time with connect with people I’ve come to know and care about within the Peloton community. And the instructors are effective. There are tabata rides, HIIT rides, low impact rides – and many others. Their method works, I’ve seen results, and they’re a huge reason for Peloton’s success, I’m SURE.

4.    Consistency

Having a Peloton has allowed me to finally be consistent with my workouts, and set a routine that works for me. I wake up every day between 5 and 5:20am, and I’m on my bike for my half hour workout by 5:30am. I do whatever it is I’m feeling that day, but Monday through Friday I have committed to a half hour a day of some sort of Peloton experience. I’ve been able to do this for months now, and I love it. The consistency the bike provides you with leaves for long lasting habits. For the first time in my life, I’m working out 5-6 days a week, and LOVING it.

5.    Community

The Peloton bike also comes with a massive community of support. There’s a huge Facebook group that is all things Peloton as well as different Peloton tribes you can opt to join if that’s your thing. There’s a tribe for lawyers, mamas, every state, etc. The people you get to meet is awesome, and it’s super motivating to be a part of a group that is so passionate about health and wellbeing.

I’d like to conclude with the obvious: the Peloton has changed my life as a law student. I still have my membership to the Edge, and I love to change it up sometimes and hit the gym with a friend to lift, or take my Saturday morning yoga class at 7 am. I also love to pop into small studios around the state, and try different classes just keep things fresh. I’m so happy I’ve found something that works for me – and I hope you find something that works for you. It may not be as far out of reach as ya think!

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